The Seed Of Life EP

by Thick Diction

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The Seed Of Life EP

Check individual tracks for lyrics.

Recorded with:-
Wom aka Re:Flex - &
Lewis Waltham -
& Liam H

Featuring artist's:-
Gabriela Eva & Lauren Francis

Producers :-
Dirty Dike (of High Focus), Pat D, Blanka (of Split Prophets), Badhabitz (of Krate Krusaders& Split Prophets), Bambu Hands & Runone (of High Focus)

Thank You For Your Time.


released June 21, 2013

Thick Diction, Gabriela Eva, Lauren Francis, Dirty Dike, Pat D, Blanka, Mukky Mouf, Badhabitz of Krate Krusaders, Bambu Hands, Runone,



all rights reserved


Thick Diction Essex, UK

from Essex Representing true Hip Hop and creating a new, strong and original sound for the people to enjoy...

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Track Name: Intro - The seed of life - Produced by Pat D
No lyrics
Track Name: Just As Soon As I Can Produced by Runone
just as soon as I can


from time to time the mind feels uneven,
the best things in life are free they're called feelings,
blessed with a vibe thats nice for good reasons,
but she keeps on passing me by in each season,

fresh breath no contest so whats next,
complex text progressed from this chest,
it's all about the love and the vinyl on the decks,
hip hops in my heart everytime I take a step,

surviving these times so we're battling on,
to all my people where did we go wrong,
awakening the heads that just want to bop,
to uk grab your microphones it don't stop.

I know you've got soul so just give me a break,
for pete sake... I be well on my way,
runone with the fun stuff breats for days,
no fuss go nuts life tough but I'm amazed,

mc's be mad rappin I don't want that to happen,
I brings the mindgasm equipped with pure talent,
leave you to imagine all the people hand clappin,
not just back in the day, cos now we've got a chance to grab it,

so you can go mad flow with the beat of just relax for now,
this is how its going down party till the monsters out,
shaking it and making earthquakes when we party loud,
rippin through the system just show you what it's all about,


I'll be making more moves just as soon as I can,
puttin in more work just as soon as I can x 2 fading delay on end of each


I'm searching for the people that care in this paradox,
I know that it's there so I've just gotta carry on,
stumble on this path till I rotting in a wooden box,
shame to say it but it's true so i move like a demigod,

on and off the clock people feel the strain daily,
maybe I'm lovestick but maybe I'm crazy,
maybe I'm struck by the truth in theses days b,
but nothing can change me I'll allways remain sweet,

in 1987 southern England was hit,
I was still in the stomach I was just a pip,
tearing roofs off apartments and gardens to bits,
88 I was born to represent this shit,

break it down tell'em about the other side jack,
soulful track people are the power with the artifacts,
hard to match in this life remember theres no turning back,
ready to attack stay intact for the impact,

no actors it's all real when it comes to damage,
this vibe grabber boombap ya comin through hammered,
forget about the glamor its about the dope factors,
staying classic when I rock a mic the I breack static,

hittin top notch hot drippin beats kickin what I got,
still flickin through the breeze streets get the after shock,
movin on making heads nod and I'm reppin strong,
never had the urge to follow others round the block,

I'll be making more moves just as soon as I can,
puttin in more work just as soon as I can x 2 fading delay on end of each
Track Name: The Seed Of Life 2 Ft Gabriela P (Produced by Badhabitz of Krate Krusaders)
who's hungry for the good vibes come stomp it in the sunshine,
the past times are remembered in the never ending fast light,
your too dry I'm reckoning scripts then let'em pass by,
we've come to have a little fun some question it and ask why,

in dark times I push it along and keep progressing with it,
go to play and click it turn it up and reach the nearest village,
set the limit leave'em guessing if their tryina test the spirit,
living instead of livid, swing it while they chase the gimmicks,

can you hear it, everybody's searching for that funky something,
something that they've already got, so get party jumpin,
functioning it strait on the dot, is how to get it pumpin,
structure it then go to the top just let'em hate on nothin,

keep it comin strengthen it strait into the thick of things,
sort of like a lone ranger siding with the Indians,
sick off this war in the storm turned to bitterness,
staying mighty proud in my cloud when the winter hits,

wicked shit, who's got the vibes when the pressure drops,
never stop spraying monologue's like a nozzle top,
cold or hot this is how we do you can't test the gods,
so everybody get funky till the record stops,

take the time to nurture in moderation we'll make it,
the complication is naked mistaken and underrated,
dropping techniques for growing the seeds of life,
feeling oh so right when it's time for the mic,


while the people do their thing move forth and just be,
I'm creating new peeks with the mind and energy,
the story's deep peace to everybody stay secrete,
life was so simple but it switch in a swift beat,

I kick a nice testimonial flow for those who's listening,
my brothers check the animal noise from my vision,
who's with it, my precision's kinda mystic,
I let'em taste the secret then oh she went and peaked it,

best believe it, we're the sickest of kids,
the next generation will be playing will be playing this shit,
making it fit into their daily mix and lyrical fix,
spiritual spits I speak them strait from my lips,

so here it is, more time for real hip hop,
never to be forgotten time to get a move on,
don't let it slip through your fingers cos what's gone is gone,
and the next man hasn't got the love that I've got,

please make it stop is what their screaming at the devious,
so I'm relieving this believe me it's not easy but,
I'm achieving it maintaining through the years of aggressiveness,
stress been collecting up stress been collecting up,

take the time to nurture in moderation we'll make it,
the complication is naked mistaken and underrated,
dropping techniques for growing the seeds of life,
feeling oh so right when it's time for the mic,
Track Name: Until The Sunrise Ft Lauren Francis - Produced By Blanka
think hard and twice maybe display a little rhyme,
got anything to say underneath the moonlight,
(sample# NO) it turns to day and your out of time,
there's no stopping us, it's all beats rhyme's and life,

manuverin the diction thicker there's no need for being bitter,
I'm gettin groovy with some liquor and a doobie quicker,
how'd you figure out that I was moving in the smoother picture,
just because you lost your way it doesn't mean they're moving bigger,

I spit it sicker than your average kid,
with damaging flips it's like acrobats with my lips,
yes it's very necessary when I'm handling this,
to get heavy and be ready for them damaging kicks,

hard hitting topics and rummaging through the knowledge,
I'm stumbling through the forest with a speaker and a promise,
your a novice and keep mumbling while my bombs hit,
try and test my flow you should know better kid,

honestly it's tight I just came to rock the mic,
I'm strictly celestine following the prophecy tonight,
are you steppin right in this monopoly world wide,
proper beats proper G's proper peeps on my mind,

tearing up the game just like the paper on your presents,
I'm pleasant raise the vibes as if your jumping fences,
no pretending.. I serve an ace as if it's fukin tennis,
we're just getting started mad beats to get replenished,

1.53 chorus 2.13 (female vocals or scratches and sample's)

were all living in the source of it
from the UK to the USA the realness is exported,
all around the globe man the vibes enormous,
stand tall no gimmicks real lyrics for the supporters,

staying sweet b I've only got my own two feet,
In a world so deep this is how I speak with peace,
love and honesty you can take it to your peak,
drifting whilst uplifting how I do is unique,

(Destroyed#) as if you just self destructed,
I bust it this is how we do I'm not frontin,
activitys in life pass us by as we function,
somthin so deep and complex I get blunted,

I bring it rude and rugged when it comes to get it lifted,
I'm quite persistant in my quest to get it fitted,
display it smooth and true yeah the outcomes exquiset,
maybe dialate the rhymes have a listen don't miss it,

watch out for the placement it never gets forgotten,
it doesn't matter where your from it's where your rockin,
super cali droppin into rizla never stoppin,
building up the memory's I wanna keep then lock it,
Track Name: Take Me Away Ft Lauren Francis & Gabriela Eva (Produced by Badhabitz of Krate Krusaders)
Take me away x2 paragraphs


take me away from this poisoned land of hate,
from what's mistaken as great from what's blocking the faith,
take me away for my eye's to calibrate,
for my mind to awake in it's best possible state,

take me away to where they smile day to day,
where life's not a game and neglections out the frame,
take me away to where effections not delayed,
and my souls free to play and escape the devils ways,

take me away to where the lands are plenty,
where nothing can be tempting and creations far from empty,
take me away to where I know there's no pretending,
and the truth is never bended and the flow is never ending,

take me away to where I know we'll feel amazing,
birds bee's and tree's and a whole lot of (pause) making,
take me away to where I'll never be mistaken
vibrating through the atmosphere with no hesitation,

take me away to where we'll always feel at ease,
where there'll always be belief and something to achieve,
take me away to where the breeze brings relief,
and where it's just us two and the nature that be,

sing it just us two and the nature that be
just us two and the nature that be
sing it just us two and the nature that be
just us two and the nature that be

Take me away x2 paragraphs


take me away to where the friction is just fiction,
it's sickning all the bitchin in the people's visions,
take me away so we can start a new addition,
away from everything so we can live what we've been wishin,

take me away to where the essence is the freshest,
peace among the valley's sending peace back to the next kid,
take me away to motivate my best intentions,
investments in a right mind keep us in the right direction,

take me away so we can block out any stress,
a place so tranquil you can feel it in your breath,
take me away to where to where emotions are at best,
there so much to do in this life so what's next,

just us two and the nature that be
just us two and the nature that be
sing it just us two and the nature that be
just us two and the nature that be
Track Name: Endtro - Unfolding - Produced by Bambu Hands
No Lyrics.